Our Focus

CLA focuses on building relationships between producers, building relationships with regulatory agencies and legislators, and bringing forth future Colorado agriculture leaders. CLA has been a leader on behalf of its members in the regulatory and legislative arenas when it comes to issues impacting Colorado’s livestock industry.

The Association continues to work with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, through its stakeholder process, to assure the industry can remain viable and environmentally sound through ever increasing regulations.

At the State Capitol, CLA is represented by a lobbyist who often calls upon CLA members and staff to come to the Capitol to testify as to how legislation will impact their business.

Safety is also a main focus for the Association. We have a workers compensation group program that not only allows members to receive a financial benefit by pooling resources, it also provides training to help members develop a safety culture within their operations. Click here to learn more about CLA’s worker’s compensation group.