CLA has a Safety Group through Pinnacol Assurance that can provide a discount on your premiums and an opportunity for an additional dividend. If we work together as a group, we can make livestock operations in the state a safer place for our families and employees.

Since 2001, the CLA Safety Group Program has paid out over $1.6 million in Safety Group Dividends to its Safety Group Policyholders. For the past two years (2014 & 2015) the CLA Safety Group Program has achieved a Safety Group Dividend for its Safety Group Policyholders.

The CLA Safety Group Program has been in place since 2001 and benefits its members by:

  • Reducing Worker’s Compensation Premiums by promoting Safety and Claims Management in the Workplace
  • Providing an upfront 4% discount on your Worker’s Compensation Premium
  • Offering CLA Safety Group Policyholders the eligibility for a Safety Group Dividend, which is evaluated based on the overall performance of the CLA Safety Group and individual policyholders
  • Improving Risk Management and Loss Control
  • Aligning Industry Specific Safety Trainings and Materials
  • Providing Individualized Service from the CLA Safety Group Pinnacol Service Team

Please call the CLA office at 970-378-0500, if you are interested in joining the CLA Safety group, or if you have questions about your safety program. Watch your e-mail for your monthly ‘Safety Spotlight’ now in English & Spanish.

To view dates and locations of upcoming CLA Group Safety meetings please click here.

To access Pinnacol resources including Claims Management forms, Return to Work Program examples, and more please click here.