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The Dairy Authority, LLC, TDA Laboratories and The Heifer Authority, LLC

The Dairy Authority, LLC is specialized in production medicine of dairy animals with emphasis in feed laboratory, dairy testing lab, reproduction, nutrition, employee training, calves and heifers as well as overall dairy management procedures.


ADDRESS: 8215 W. 20th St. Unit A, Greeley, CO 80634

PHONE: (970) 351-8102

FAX: (970) 351-8134

CONTACT: Greg Goodell
(970) 351-5117

CONTACT: Blaine Nicks

CONTACT: Amy Stuart
(970) 351-8134

CONTACT: Rochelle Warner
(970) 351-8134

CONTACT: Eelkje Rixt Miedema
(970) 351-8102

CONTACT: Chris Malherbe
(970) 351-8134

CONTACT: Jared Schenkels
(970) 351-8102

CONTACT: Catalina Mejia
(970) 351-8102

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