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Pinnacol Assurance

Since 1915, more Colorado companies have trusted Pinnacol Assurance for their workers’ compensation insurance than any other, knowing we’ve made it our business to protect their business. Our competitively-priced coverage includes personalized, compassionate care for injured workers; hundreds of complimentary safety resources; a cutting-edge wellness program; 24/7 online claims management; a preferred provider network and much more. Visit us at

Pinnacol Assurance is CLA’s Safety Group Program Insurance Carrier.


ADDRESS: 7501 East Lowry Blvd, Denver, CO 80230

PHONE: (303) 361-4784

FAX: (303) 361-5790

CONTACT: Joe Newhouse
(303) 361-4763

CONTACT: David Branch (Underwriter)
(303) 361-4073

CONTACT: Jessica Wareham (Claims Representative)
(303) 361-4316

CONTACT: Sally Parkinson (Return to Work Consultant)
(303) 361-4081

CONTACT: David Knell (Safety Consultant)
(303) 361-4144

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