Producers are encouraged to use the Colorado Information Analysis Center to report suspicious activity.

If a foreign animal disease (FAD) would occur in the U.S., it would have devastating negative impacts to our livestock sectors and agricultural communities. Diseases such as African Swine Fever (ASF) or Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) could occur from direct transmission (animal to animal), indirect transmission (from contaminated equipment, feed, or boots), or from intentional introduction by people who may want to hurt agriculture and livestock operations. To help reduce the risk and be better prepared to respond to a significant livestock disease outbreak, the Colorado Department of Agriculture and USDA Veterinary Services along with livestock industry partners have been actively building livestock emergency disease response plans and conducting preparedness exercises. To reduce the threat of an intentional introduction of a foreign animal disease, you can help to counteract that threat by reporting any suspicious activity in your area. If you see something odd or unusual report it to local law enforcement or report it to the CIAC!

What is the CIAC? The CIAC is the Colorado Information Analysis Center and is an agency within the Department of Colorado Public Safety working closely with the Colorado State Patrol and other county and city law enforcement to help prevent terrorism incidents in Colorado. The CIAC serves as the focal point within the state for receiving, analyzing and sharing threat-related information among private sector, local, tribal, and federal partners. The CIAC includes over 50 members from all levels of government and acts as a clearinghouse for threat information with a focus on protection and prevention of incidents that affect all of us including our critical infrastructure systems like food and agriculture. This counterterrorism effort is centralized in order to enhance interagency cooperation and expedite information flow. For more information on the CIAC or on how to report, please go to their website,

Call 1-877-509-2422 to reach the CIAC or call 911 to report incidents or activity than may require an immediate police response.

You are the boots on the ground, the eyes and ears for agriculture and for the early detection of an foreign animal disease or terrorism incident. If you see something, say something. We are all depending on you to help protect you, your neighbors, and our Ag community!

Source: Nick Striegel, DVM, MPH, Colorado Assistant State Veterinarian

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