Join the Colorado Livestock Association for the third session in the 2022 Fall Webinar Series “The Times They Are a Changin’: A Bootcamp on Colorado Farm Labor & Employment Law” on October 26, 2022, at 11:00 AM Mountain featuring Kevin Paul, Range PC.

Denver attorney Kevin Paul will take a shot at explaining the myriad new – and a few of the old – obligations all Colorado agricultural employers need to know about.  From new wage-and-hour requirements, to workplace safety issues, to the dreaded service provider access and union organizing provisions of SB 21-087, Kevin will lead a spirited discussion aimed at keeping your operation out of trouble…at least mostly.  Your questions will be welcome.

Kevin Paul is an attorney and founder of Range PC, an innovative Rocky Mountain law firm that devotes a significant amount of its work to assisting agricultural producers of all shapes and sizes deal with the complicated world of employment law.  Kevin is currently part of the litigation team challenging the Key Service Provider Access Provisions included in last year’s Colorado Senate Bill 87, and is spending lots of time these days training producers on their compliance obligations.

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