2020 Legislative Session Highlight

651 bills introduced during the 2020 Legislative Session.

320 bills have been signed by Governor Polis.

252 bills were postponed indefinitely.

76 bills failed for other reasons.

3 bills were vetoed by Governor Polis

(Current as of 7/21/20)


Legislative Affairs Committee

CLA would like to thank the members of the Legislative Affairs Committee for their input and engagement throughout the session and to the legislators that participated on our conference calls. With the shutdown of the legislative session
from March 16th – May 26, 2020, it took behind the scenes work to keep on top of bills that were introduced. The Committee monitored 57 bills this session with the Committee taking positions on four bills and a resolution.


HB20-1117 Misbranding Nonmeat and Imported and Artificial Meat
Current law prohibits selling meat or meat products that are imported without the label indicating the fact of importation. The bill expands this to cover any meat derived from animals that were not born, raised, and harvested exclusively in the United States. Laid over to December 31, 2020. (CLA OPPOSED)

HB20-1420 Adjust Tax Expenditures for State Education Fund
Concerning the adjustment of certain state tax expenditures and to allocate additional revenues to the state education fund, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation. This bill was introduced late in the session and was placed on a fast track to get it through. CLA sent out a CALL TO ACTION to our membership and the ag community rallied to contact their legislators. Signed by the Governor 7-11-2020. (CLA OPPOSED)

 HB20-1143 Environmental Justice and Projects Increase Environmental Fines
Concerning additional public health protections regarding alleged environmental violations, and, in connection therewith, raising the maximum fines for air quality and water quality violations. Signed by the Governor on 7-2-2020. (CLA OPPOSED)

HB20-1343 Egg Laying Hen Confinement Standards
CLA approved of some late amendments to the bill. Signed by the Governor 7-1-2020. (CLA WAS NEUTRAL)

HJR20-1011 Investigate Price Setting Meatpacking Industry
This was a late resolution introduced on 6-9-20 and moved fast through the House to the Senate. (CLA was MONITORING)


 The CLA Policy Book is written and updated by CLA members. The policies within the book dictate the position that CLA takes on numerous issues throughout the state and within the regulatory arena.