Human Resources

Labor & Immigration

Agricultural employers in the United States face a shortage of available domestic workers and subsequently require a dependable source to obtain foreign workers. The H-2A program has seasonal implications that impact the usability of the program by all agriculture segments. Proposals to address these implications through legislation have created certain proposed inconsistencies between livestock industries. CLA supports a guest worker program that provides work authorization for a minimum of three years and treats all segments of the livestock industry fairly and consistently.


Colorado Compact

The Colorado Livestock Association was one of the original signatories on the Colorado Compact, a bi-partisan effort to find a solution to immigration reform for Colorado businesses. CLA continues to be engaged in discussions with this group to get the latest information from Washington on where immigration stands.


Member Resources

Properly managing your employee files is important to your business. CLA has many resources available to help you get your HR concerns and questions taken care of. Please call or email the CLA office for assistance with your HR needs. CLA members may contact us for assistance putting together an employee handbook and job descriptions or other policies and procedures for their farm or ranch. We also have up-to-date labor posters available for all members that cover the posting requirements for agriculture.


 The CLA Policy Book is written and updated by CLA members. The policies within the book dictate the position that CLA takes on numerous issues throughout the state and within the regulatory arena.