Our History

The Colorado Livestock Association (CLA) was formed in 1998 through a restructuring of the then 43 year old Colorado Cattle Feeders Association (CCFA).

The new name and structure was designed to better reflect the membership of the association. CLA prides itself on a willingness to change to meet the needs of it’s members.

In 1955, what started as a group of cattle feeders working to eradicate a disease (red nose), has grown into a multi-specie organization; working to strengthen and unite animal agriculture in Colorado for future generations.

Past Leadership

Thank you to the past leadership of the Colorado Livestock Association and Colorado Cattle Feeder’s Association for their dedication to the livestock industry in Colorado.

Colorado Cattle Feeders Association

Martin R. Domke 1955-1957

Louis F. Bein 1957-1958

LeRoy Dalton 1959-1960

George Reynolds 1960-1961

C. Marion Harmon 1962-1963

Donald W. Hamil 1964-1965

James Henry 1966-1967

C. W. “Bill”Kirby 1968-1969

Julius A. Pluss 1970-1971

Maynard A. Sonnenberg 1971-1972

Malcom S. Anderson 1972-1973

C.G. “Jerry” Robbe 1973-1974

W.H. Webster 1974-1975

Lloyd Kindsfater 1975-1976

James Svedman 1976-1977

W. R. “Bill” Farr 1977-1978

Robert E. Fritzler 1978-1979

Henry A. Bledsoe 1979-1980

Harold Blitt 1980-1981

Glenn Anderson 1981-1982

Duane Flack 1982-1983

Ben Houston 1983-1984

Tom Reynolds 1984-1985

Marshall Collins 1985-1986

Bert Hartman 1986-1987

Robert E. Bledsoe 1987-1988

Preston Grover 1988-1989

Jay Hickert 1989-1990

Dallas Horton 1990-1991

William Hammerich 1991-1992

James E. Anderson 1992-1993

Howard “Bub” Miller 1993-1994

Scott Adamson 1994-1995

Roger Hickert 1995-1996

Don Anderson 1996-1997

Gary Penny 1997-1998

Colorado Livestock Association

Roger Hickert 1998-1999

Roger Tuell 1999-2000

Marshall Frasier 2000-2001

William Wailes, Jr. 2001-2002

Bob Moser 2002-2003

Bob Rolston 2003-2004

Ken Ulrich 2004-2005

Jim Docheff, Jr. 2005-2006

Kent Bamford 2006-2007

Scott Johnson 2007-2008

Don Rutledge 2008-2009

Steve Gabel 2009-2010

Gary Henrickson 2010-2011

Glenn Benjamin 2011-2012

Mark Frasier 2012-2014

Mary Kraft 2014-2016

Nolan Stone 2016-2018