WHEREAS, CLA supports the sustainable production of meat, milk, and animal by-products in an integrated system that respects the animals and natural resource base under our care,

profitably supports livestock producers and their families, and provides wholesome protein

for a hungry planet.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, for the livestock industry in Colorado to be truly sustainable, production must be:

Economically viable, to efficiently supply production that affords value to the consumer and profit for the producer. No system is sustainable unless it is profitable.

Ecologically sound, to preserve the resource base on which present and future agriculture depends. Established practices based on sound science should seek to enhance and not deplete environmental quality, while respecting biological cycles and the synergies that exist between animals and the plant and soil community.

Socially responsible, to satisfy human need for food, fiber, and enhanced quality of life. Our production must sustain families, communities, and cultures, as an obligation to meet the increasing needs of an expanding population.

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, agricultural production is essential to the

survivability of mankind, the planet and future generations.

We take this responsibility very seriously.

10-29-2014 Adopted by Board of Directors