WHEREAS, CLA supports open and free trade; and

WHEREAS, the consumers’ best interest is not served by removing a potential producer from the marketplace; and

WHEREAS, the consistent and orderly supply of beef production may be facilitated by processor-owned inventory,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that CLA opposes any ban on packer ownership of livestock.

10-15-2013 Revised


Foreign Trade Policy

WHEREAS, the CLA) supports free and fair trade, and

WHEREAS, CLA believes that trade issues should be resolved using sound science, and

WHEREAS, there are significant economic advantages to U.S. beef producers by having fair and equal access to foreign markets,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that CLA urges U.S. officials to diligently work toward the normalization of the trading relationship between all foreign trading partners regarding the trade of meat and dairy products.

11-19-2013 Revised


Purchases & Sale of Livestock and the Availability of Local Scale Facilities for Agriculture Producers

WHEREAS, the availability of local scale facilities is essential for the orderly purchase and sale of livestock

WHEREAS, it is critical that certified scale facilities be inspected by an official licensing agency

WHEREAS, scale certification renewal is required on an annual cycle by most state licensing agencies

WHEREAS, the Packer & Stockyard Administration currently mandates that livestock weights for purchase and sale must be from a scale certified within the previous six months thus requiring two inspections in a one year period.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that CLA supports the modification of the Packer & Stockyard Administration rules to allow livestock sales on certified scales inspected within the previous 12 months period.

10-15-2013 Revised