Government Financial Assistance Programs

WHEREAS, CLA supports government policy that is based on the private enterprise, competitive market system with a minimum of government involvement or intervention in the livestock industry, specifically:

Commodity and Producer Equality: CLA opposes direct government assistance programs which provide assistance or benefits to livestock producers which also serve as a disadvantage to other livestock producers similarly situated.

Direct Government Payments: CLA opposes direct government payments to producers when motivated  strictly by market conditions.

Government Assistance in Times of Crisis: CLA supports government assistance in times of emergency, disaster or when a legitimate state interest is present.

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Funding: CLA supports continuation of CRP funding as a science based environmental program including reduction of erosion, improvement of water quality, and protection of wildlife habitat.

11-19-2013 Revised


WHEREAS, state and federal governments acquire vast acreages of land for single purpose uses, and

WHEREAS, CLA recognizes the right of a landowner to sell his or her property to the highest bidder, and

WHEREAS, all sellers are entitled to receive a fair price for their property including considerations for inconvenience and costs of transition, and

WHEREAS, acquisition of private lands or impairment of property by state and federal governments may have serious detrimental effects on local economies adjacent landowners and livestock producers in general,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that CLA opposes the involuntary transfer of private land to public land.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, CLA supports the establishment of an arbitration committee to settle any selling price disputes between land owners and state and federal governments.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, CLA opposes all efforts by state and federal government becoming additionally involved in the purchase and management of agricultural lands, by unfriendly condemnation.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, CLA opposes all private land acquisitions by federal and state government that causes local governments, school districts and special districts to suffer a net loss of revenue as result of lost tax base.

10-15-2013 Revised