Animal Identification / Brand Inspection

WHEREAS, the beef, pork, dairy and lamb industries’ reputation depends on consumer confidence in food safety; and
WHEREAS, the development of a trace-back system is crucial for disease control, production evaluation and meeting market preferences, and a mandatory national identification program is key to trace-back; and
WHEREAS, numerous foreign countries competing for global market share have either developed or are in the developing phase of national animal identification programs; and
WHEREAS, several important trading partners are demanding a national trace-back system; and
WHEREAS, a national animal identification program would provide the ability for the market to more efficiently implement either a voluntary or mandatory country-of-origin labeling program,
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that CLA supports an effective permanent mandatory animal identification program that is technology neutral and that is developed by industry partners who agree on an acceptable plan that can be implemented in the most cost efficient manner that does not limit, inhibit or prevent commerce.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that CLA supports an animal identification system that is uniformly accepted and eliminates or minimizes variation from state to state.
11-19-2013 Revised
WHEREAS, brand inspection is a legal and historical method of identifying ownership of livestock; and
WHEREAS, cattle on feed are held in a confined environment where the possibility of strays or co-mingled animals is remote; and
WHEREAS, physical inspection can create unwarranted stress on market cattle finished for slaughter and provides negligible value for producers, consumers, or the beef cattle industry,
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that CLA opposes the mandatory brand inspection of cattle going to slaughter
10-15-2013 Revised