Legislation & Regulation

Legislative Affairs


During the legislative session CLA focuses on issues related to water, transportation and animal welfare. The interest group meets every Friday throughout the session from January-May to discuss legislation of interest. If you would like to participate on these weekly conference calls please contact the office at (970)378-0500.

Rocky Mountain National Park


The year 2018 marked the twelfth year that CLA has been “at the table” with regard to Rocky Mountain National Park (RNMP) and concerns about nitrogen deposition. CLA has been at the forefront of this issue since the beginning. In 2012 the MOU agencies (Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment , EPA and the National Park Service) decided not to “trigger” the Contingency Plan which could have brought about mandatory controls on livestock agriculture and related ammonia emissions. In 2014 CLA was recognized by the Environmental Leadership Program as a Bronze Achiever for our efforts. The year 2016 will be the third year for testing of a pilot project known as the Early Warning System. Preliminary results of testing show promise that the system will be a valuable tool in helping livestock producers reduce the amount of ammonia produced from normal management practices.

If you are a livestock producer and would like to learn more about how to participate in the Early Warning System Pilot Project please click here for more information.

Nutrient Criteria


In March of 2012, Colorado adopted regulations (85 & 31) as our solution to nitrogen and phosphorus regulation. Reg 85 establishes requirements for operations with the potential to discharge either nitrogen or phosphorus to surface waters. As things currently stand agriculture will not face the possibility of mandatory regulation until 2022. But time passes quickly and CLA continues to be engaged in discussions with a number of municipal dischargers to try to determine in what ways agriculture can be part of the solution.